How I found the Love

My first day at the job and I was already late,
Missed the early bus and getting no cab,
Somehow I reached the office but met my boss at the gate,
He looked at me from top to bottom like I was some monkey just out of cage,
I had no choice but to be shameless,
I was so sure that he didn’t even know my name,
I simply ignored him like he was no man,
But for next six months he treated me like I stole his umbrella just before rain.

Time flew by and I was feeling like quitting again,
I gained almost 20 kg and feeling so tired after each and every step,
I forgot to smile, laugh and dancing with skate,
Life was becoming hell and all that was left in me was an empty shell.

During that era of depression,
When management didn’t know what was suppression,
A beautiful angel entered the floor and within moments she became the crush of the nation,
Bigeyes, longhair, charming face, cute smile and that mole on her neck,
I was driving crazy with each passing moment,
In fact I simply forgot to breathe and froze at the stand.

I knew she was way out of my league,
After all I was just a loser with a chubby face,
I had no confidence to approach her,
But I knew I would walk miles just to take a glance,
I prayed to God to give me a chance,
And in return I was ready to sacrifice all I had,
Finally God heard what I said,
She came to my team and I became her mentor till the year end.

We became friends and started sharing each and every tale,
We were coming close with each day and it felt like a dream without an end,
I had to be fit to woo her next,
Took gym membership and started breaking sweat,
We started holding hands during our evening walks,
And rode bike for miles to have just a tea at places we never knew even existed,
Summer, winter and on spring break,
We were together like new born birds in the nest,
I could feel that she was falling too,
I noticed all the love that we shared.

One fine day I confessed the truth,
Told her all the secrets hoping she already knew,
She didn’t say a word but smiled through,
I saw that she got tears too,
We hugged and cried and started laughing,
I could read her face like reading a book,
We knew we were perfect together,
Just like the sky and the moon.

We spent years in complete love,
We could hear our heartbeats even in the woods,
But the time was near to take the next step,
Tell our parents that we wanted to be the bride and the groom,
The decision was tough and the society was cruel,
I was ready to take all the beatings even with a broom.
But eventually our love had to conquer all,
We are successfully married with a good news knocking on our doors,
Love is so strong and powerful that it can help you win the world,
But make sure you hold her hand,
And fight for it until nothing is left.

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