How I found the Love

My first day at the job and I was already late,
Missed the early bus and getting no cab,
Somehow I reached the office but met my boss at the gate,
He looked at me from top to bottom like I was some monkey just out of cage,
I had no choice but to be shameless,
I was so sure that he didn’t even know my name,
I simply ignored him like he was no man,
But for next six months he treated me like I stole his umbrella just before rain.

Time flew by and I was feeling like quitting again,
I gained almost 20 kg and feeling so tired after each and every step,
I forgot to smile, laugh and dancing with skate,
Life was becoming hell and all that was left in me was an empty shell.

During that era of depression,
When management didn’t know what was suppression,
A beautiful angel entered the floor and within moments she became the crush of the nation,
Bigeyes, longhair, charming face, cute smile and that mole on her neck,
I was driving crazy with each passing moment,
In fact I simply forgot to breathe and froze at the stand.

I knew she was way out of my league,
After all I was just a loser with a chubby face,
I had no confidence to approach her,
But I knew I would walk miles just to take a glance,
I prayed to God to give me a chance,
And in return I was ready to sacrifice all I had,
Finally God heard what I said,
She came to my team and I became her mentor till the year end.

We became friends and started sharing each and every tale,
We were coming close with each day and it felt like a dream without an end,
I had to be fit to woo her next,
Took gym membership and started breaking sweat,
We started holding hands during our evening walks,
And rode bike for miles to have just a tea at places we never knew even existed,
Summer, winter and on spring break,
We were together like new born birds in the nest,
I could feel that she was falling too,
I noticed all the love that we shared.

One fine day I confessed the truth,
Told her all the secrets hoping she already knew,
She didn’t say a word but smiled through,
I saw that she got tears too,
We hugged and cried and started laughing,
I could read her face like reading a book,
We knew we were perfect together,
Just like the sky and the moon.

We spent years in complete love,
We could hear our heartbeats even in the woods,
But the time was near to take the next step,
Tell our parents that we wanted to be the bride and the groom,
The decision was tough and the society was cruel,
I was ready to take all the beatings even with a broom.
But eventually our love had to conquer all,
We are successfully married with a good news knocking on our doors,
Love is so strong and powerful that it can help you win the world,
But make sure you hold her hand,
And fight for it until nothing is left.

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Review of Marketing Chronicles

While the world is recovering from the pandemic and the economy is gradually recovering from Covid-19 caused recession, we all are wondering how the new world is going to shape now. The fear of unknown, lost jobs, loss of loved ones are few things that are going to stay in our minds for a long time. Though, there will be a lot of new ideas and factors in economy, but there are still a lot of areas where opportunities lies for people who are looking of growth and stability.

“Marketing Chronicles” by Nimish V. Dwivedi tells us about those untapped areas where he believed India had great opportunities to work upon. Nimish is a consumer marketing and financial services professional. Having graduated with a marketing major from one of India’s top business school JBIMS, Nimish was able to work for some of the best marketing professionals in the industry. We can observe the depth of his knowledge and experience on the subject from the book.

The book is divided into two parts- part 1: Pre- smartphone era insights and part 2: post smartphone era insights. There are total 37 chapters consists of real time examples of area of opportunities, current situation and steps that should have been taken to encash them all.

Each chapter has one or another story to tell which makes the read a lot interesting. Once you start reading it, it keeps you hooked. Each chapter is filled with facts and figures that makes it authentic. The author shared a lot of his life experiences which were good to read and compel us to think about things we simply ignore in daily life.

When it comes to the shortcomings of the book then I can mention just one thing that while the author talked about all the opportunities of business and marketing areas he could observe in India, he did not speak of what he did to grab those opportunities or improvements except writing this book of course.

I will give 4 stars to this book considering the content and writing. Those who are thinking of going ahead to get these opportunities in market can certainly go through this book and get some amazing ideas.

Review of Param Vir: Our Heroes in Battle

If we look into the modern Indian history then our wars with China and Pakistan are of great values and lessons. The reason why we live with freedom today is a big list of war heroes who put our country above everything else and gave up their life to keep our mother India free of shackles.

“Param Vir: Our Heroes in Battle” is written by major general Ian Cardozo. He joined the joint service wind in July, 1954 which later became the nation defence academy. He was the first cadet to win the gold medal for being the best all-rounder cadet. He was one of the first officer to be awarded the sena medal for gallantry on a petrol in NEFA in 1960. He overcame the handicap of losing a leg and became the first officer to be approved for command of an infantry battalion. He retired in 1993 from his appointment as chief of staff of a corps in East.

The book has total six chapters and each chapter talks about different wars, battle and missions India has been a part of or fought with China or Pakistan. Each chapter is filled with heroic stories of our soldiers who won Param Vir Chakra which is the highest gallantry award in India of war time. The Param Vir Chakra was instituted in January,1950. So far, total 21 individuals of the armed forces have won this award for bravery in the face of the enemy, 14 of them have been posthumous.

The best thing about the book is that it is filled all the important details of each soldier who won it. He was successful in making the reader feel the excitement and adrenaline rush. I felt so connected to each story and could not let of of the book until I finished it. This book gives you all the emotions like when you read about the great sacrifices these soldiers made,you could feel the moist in your eyes, the excitement when you read about the war, joy when you read about the victory.

It will be wrong to judge the stories of our heroes however as a reader I would say that I love the book and will recommend everyone to at least read it once. For me it is 5 out of 5 stars and one of the best books I have read so far.

Review of Shyam: An illustrated retailing of Bhagvata

It is a well known fact that India is a land of religions and temples. With a population of more than 86% Hindus and some part of Jain, Sikh and Boddh, Krishna is someone who is loved and worshipped by almost everyone irrespective of religion or faith. He has several names like Shyam, Devkinandan, Yashoda Nandan, Gopal, Ranchod etc. and he has been worshipped in so many forms like Balakrishna, a warrior, a lover, a life saver, a politician, a sakha(friend) and much more. The more we speak about him the less it is. He is worshipped in all over the world and probably has the maximum numbers of temples worldwide.

” Shyam : an illustrated retailing of Bhagvata” by Devdutt Patnaik is a unique experience. The book starts with the story of Shuka who was the son of Maharshi Vyas. Shuka was the child with great mind and thoughts. He started walking just after his birth and wanted to leave this painful world. That time Vyas stopped him and asked to listen to the story of life of Krishna as mentioned in Bhagvata. So the entire book talks about all the important incidents happened from Krishna’s birth to till his last breath in this mortal world.

The best thing you are going to find in this book is the contemporary beliefs about krishna and his life in different parts of India. It clearly shows the depth of author’s knowledge on the subject. He talks about the different versions and story of each phase of Krishna’s life in India. He provided brief details of the source of the information like folk songs, public stories, books and prayers. He talked about each reference with expertise.

The author stayed honest throughout the book and never gave away his own opinion in the matter. However, at some places it felt like he believed that few stories are influenced by Greek gods and stories.

The book felt more like a reference data book instead of a beautiful story which made it a slow read and slightly boring.

The book is too big and not a story kind of read which made it hard to complete the book in just few sitting. I believe the book could have been more interesting if he had kept the book not just a fact check note book.

I will rate this book 3 Stars out of 5 for a boring read but interesting information. If you are interested in knowing all the information and reference details and this is a good read however if you are a Krishna devotee then you might not like the book.

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Review of The Queens of Crime

While we are seeing crimes against women everyday in our society like domestic violence against women, rapes, molestation, mental and sexual harrassment against women, gender inequality, “Queens of Crimes” by Sushant Singh (Crime Petrol fame) and Kulpreet Yadav gives a different take on Crimes in India.

“Queens of Crime” consists of 10 biggest crime stories happened in India by one of the biggest female criminals. There are all true stories which were covered by Sushant Singh in one of the Crime Petrol episodes and stayed in news for a long time.

The best thing which you are going to see in this book is the way all the stories were narrated. The entire book will keep you hooked until the last page. Each and every story had all the elements of interest and awe.

All the stories has pretty good detail of all the events and people to make them authentic. Eacha and story has background story of every criminal and their motives. Author to tried give honest account to each case.

They way the cases were presented, it made it hard to believe that these crimes were committed by women. The author tried to shatter the image of next door Indian women and showcased an interesting angle to the cases of the femal criminals that they can be as cruel as any man.

With all the amazing reasons to read this book there is one thing which might bother few readers and that is the discontinuation of few narrations. The author starts talking about some background stories while speaking the main story. This breaks the flow of the reader.

I will give 4.5 starts out of 5 to this because of the amazing content and beautiful narration. You will wait for the next part of the book just like me and I really hope it to be as amazing as the first part of the book. A must read for new readers.

Review of Catalyst

When you have been working in a an organisation for years but not really going anywhere and stuck at the same designation for years even after doing all the work you are asked to do, there really this question comes in your mind that if it was all you could achieve, if it was the zenith of your potential. If you could ever go up with the way things going on right now. This book tries to answer all these questions and talks about the things important for anyone working in an organisation.

“Catalyst: the ultimate strategies on how to win at work and in life” is written by Chandramouli Venkatesan who is a corporal veteran with over 26 years of experience in the industry. He worked with several big companies on senior posts. He has conducted numerous speaking sessions, which has benefited over 1000 people.

This book is divided into 3 parts consisting of 14 chapters. The book talks about different aspects of growth like what is real individual growth, how the time spent on your work does not count as equally to your experience, how you can maximize your learning cycle and most importantly how you can improve personal productivity with time.

The author also talks about the kind of Catalyst you can have, how to take difficult decisions like quitting an organisation or sticking to it for years which I believe was the best part of the book.

Next the author talks about the people who have catalyst in their life and gave a lot of real life examples. He also suggests us to be a catalyst ourself for someone who is really looking for it to grow.

I, myself working with a big organization close to 5 years now and that is where I started myself looking for some answers and this book really helped me out a lot. After so many pro’s of this book there are few cons as well. First the book does not talk about the corporate sectors and rather stay on one. Second, when you read a self help book you really want to compare it with the achievements of the author and when you do not find walk the talk then you questions the authenticity of the book and same thing happens with this book as well. Third, lack of believable anecdotes. If we read someone’s experience through a book then it should not sound hypothetical, rather it could have been more realistic in nature. At the end I would call it a good read and give 3.5 out of 5 stars. This is not one of those books you would like to read again and again and like but this is definitely a one time read. I will recommend you guys to give it a try. A good effort by the author.

Review of 12 Years A Slave

Today we are living at a time when the entire world is forced to to stay home and avoid going out or touching each other due to Covid-19. However, in the middle of this pandemic something happened in United State of America which compelled the entire world to think if we are really a progressive society dedicated towards humanity and equality. On 25 May, 2020 George Floyd, an African American man of colour was killed by Minneapolis police officer. A long standing movement which works against police brutality returned in light, named “Black Lives Matter”. An estimated around 25 million people including many celebrities and politicians took participation in the movement which turned out to be one of the biggest people movement in American history. But, was it mere one incident of racism which fired up or there were others too? “12 Years A Slave” somewhere tries to tell us more about how deep rooted racism against people of colour in America is.

“12 years a slave” is a true life story of Solomon Northrup who was born as a free man of colour in Minerva, New York in July, 1808. With a decent education, doing numerous jobs, he used to entertain people as a fiddler and had a beautiful wife Anne and three children. In 1841, Northrup was tricked by two men who later drugged and sold him into slavery in Washington DC. He worked as a slave under different masters for next 12 years and finally free in 1853. That year he penned his life story of 12 years as a slave.

The book is consisting of 22 chapters which talks about different phases of his life as a freeman to a slave and back to a freeman. Throughout the book he tried to give a detailed picture of all the incidents which took place during those 12 years. He gave an honest view of all the people he encountered through his hard and painful journey. He talked about the brutality which took place during his time as a slave against the people of colour. How they were treated worse than animals, kept starving, beaten up mercilessly, exploited like a commodity instead of humans. He talked about the mindset of the people land owners who all were white people with full extent. He talked about his own thoughts which were going throughout his time as a slave. This book is kind of a reality check which tells us that how hard it was to live as a man of colour in America and still is.

Though it is not right to judge the real life journey of Solomon who motivated million and the kind pain he went through but as a reader I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 for the slow pace of the story and few unimportant details which compells the reader to slightly disconnect from the story.

If you are interested in knowing how deep the racism issue rooted in America then this is a must read for you despite the slow pace.

Review of Usain Bolt: faster than lightning

Legends are not made in a day, in fact it takes years of hardwork and persistent efforts. Nobody is a born hero, what we see today of the greatness, was not achieved in a day, it took daily practice, determination and discipline. We have read the stories of several sports legends who achieved greatness by doing something extraordinary while they were alive and kept on inspiring people when they were gone. There are few names who has already earned the title of a legend and are still alive and kicking. One of them is the man with lightning feets and 8 Olympic gold medal winner, all time world record holder in 100 m and 200 m sprints, Usain Bolt.

“I live for the big moment. Give me a big stage and I come alive.” He has lived through this one quote throughout his life and keeps on surprising everyone with not only with his record breaking performances but also unique style and winning attitude. Yes we are talking about Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, not flash, but him.

The autobiography was written with help of Matt Allen, consisting of 16 chapters, and to be right 16 phases of Usain Bolt’s life. Through this book we get to know all the highs and lows of Usain Bolt’s life. It will be wrong to say that the book is filled with self appreciation of the man, in fact he talked about his humane side too. The book is not only about his achievements as a track and field athelete, but his decisions, natural abilities, his mistakes, love for parties and women.

The best thing which I believe in the book was the honesty of the writer. We get to know that how Usain spent the early days of his life. He always wanted to be a cricketer and was madly in love with it. We get to know that what were those factors which made him an athelete. He also talks about his natural abilities to run fast since childhood and how regular domestic house chores shaped his physic as a child and the nature of his hometown made sure that he gets all the nutrients he required to run faster and grow stronger.

He talks about his family a lot in the book like how close he was to his mother and how she helped him get a decent childhood. His father taught him great human values like humbleness and honesty. His family stood up for him in all the thicks and thins. I am not going to give anymore spoilers to ruin your experience of his journey through this book.

Though Usain was never involved in drugs or smoking but he loved parties like hell. After winning few races he was a known face everywhere which gave him an easy access to all the clubs, discs and women, however that led to many troubles too in his life and impacted his personal and professional life.

He speaks really highly about his coaches throughout the book and gives a lot of credit to his coach who understood him on all levels and kept on pushing him to run faster and faster. He talks about his mindset too during training and what he felt about his rivals.

With all the brownies about the book, at some places I felt like he stretched about few races and events too much which had little impact on his career or life. That only increased few pages of the book.

I really enjoyed the book and I will give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is a must read for all the aspiring atheletes out there and students who are yet to decide what they are going to do. It is really amazing to know about the fastest man alive on Earth, the lightening bolt, Usain Bolt.

Review of Kargil: untold stories from the war

India is a country which has lived through wars. Our history is filled with wars and heroes who made a name for themselves by their sheer valour and courage irrespective of the outcome. At one place those wars took a lot from people who were involved in it but in return gave millions of inspiring stories which shaped the future of the upcoming generations. “Kargil” by Rachna Bisht Rawat made the same attempt to tell us few known and unknown stories from the Kargil war.
Rachna Bisht Rawat is a wife to an army officer and mom to a teen kid. She is a simple woman but amazing writer. She won several awards for her short stories and books. It was her 4th book after The Brave, 1965 and Shoot. Dive. Fly.
“For the soldiers who did not return from Kargil and their families whose debt the country can never repay”, with these lines you are already expecting an emotional journey with full of proud and amazing stories of our war heroes. The book starts with a brief background introduction of the war and then directly takes us to the 8 stories of sheer valour and bravehearts.
While in most of the war stories or books we usually read about only the events which happened during the war and give no value to the people who suffered the most out of these wars, this book gave a special focus to the families who actually nurtured these heroes at home and sacrificed almost their everything. This book tells us the stories of their families too which gives us an idea that how these beautiful minds and strong hearts of our heroes shaped. The author tells us about the interactions she had with these families and the letter these soldiers wrote to their families.
While most of the books only talks about these heroes just as a soldier, this book talks about the kind of human beings they were. We get to know that it is just not the nation they had great love for, but their families and friends too.
The book tries to draw a picture of the events which took place during the war and how we responded at the time of betrayal and odds. The book talks about all the crucial events and their background stories and how each individual hero made sure that India moved towards the victory. The conversations which took place among individual soldiers and officers were inspiring and thrilling which also led to the moist eyes in few parts.
Though a lot of attempts were made to make sure that the reader stay connected to the narration but it did not work out much. Different outlooks of the same events were given however they did not really connected to the scenario. The author tried to give a humanitarian touch to the book using the current situations of the families of the martyrs however that really didn’t work out and it made the book a little slow due to the author’s writing style. The author could have been a little bit crisp. There were a lot of disconnections in the stories which made it difficult to maintain a flow.
If you are into military history then do not go for this book, however if you are looking for some details about the personal life of our heroes then this book can do justice for you. I will give 2.5 out of 5 stars to this book for bringing out something new in the book and those few times where I had moist eyes.

Can’t let you go…

My eyes were half closed but I could see her sleeping besides me. So serene, so beautiful, so pleasent. I fall in love with her each time I look at her. No idea when she became nothing to everything for me. I never imagined that such thing could happen to me. Her endless talking and my endless smile while looking at her became the story of everyday. I never realised when I transformed from an angry young man to a happy go lucky man. Her beautiful hair were hiding her face. I pulled her hairs behind her ears gently and smiled. I indeed love her more than anything. I slowly said,”good morning beautiful.” She didn’t respond and kept on sleeping peacefully. I was though expecting her beautiful smile like every morning which made my day. I rubbed her chicks and tried to wake her up. She was still not moving. I thought she was playing with me. I got up of my bed and went to washroom. When I came back she was still sleeping. I called her,”Shona, wake up baby it’s morning. I’m preparing breakfast for you. What would my love would like to have today?” She didn’t respond. I went to her and tried to wake her up. I touched her hand, it was abnormally cold. I was shaking her hand and then shaking her but no response. I was feeling afraid now. I called her name loudly and said,” Shona wake up baby. Please don’t play with me like this. Baby please wake up. Don’t make me worried baby. Please wake up.” No response. I looked at her stomach, she wasn’t breathing. I was terrified and put my ear on her heart. There was no beating. I didn’t understand what to do. I was like crying. Words stopped coming out of my mind. I embraced her and calling her name again and again and again. “Shona… Shona… Shona.. baby please wake up.. you know I love you so much.. please wake up.. please don’t joke around me.. baby I’m sorry if I hurt you.. please baby wake up… Please….”

I suddenly saw no-one. I was on my bed breathing heavily and wet in sweat. I could not make out I just saw. After a few minutes I realised it was another one of my morning nightmare..